Wetherbrooke Farm Work Weekend

We just wanted to thank all of you who helped out last weekend!   Julie, Karen, Kate, Wade (ha ha), Elizabeth, Jessica, Morgan, and Eric were all here on Saturday (and some on Friday) to see the completion of our newest cross country jumps.  We now have a great training level ditch, beginner novice ditch, and a really cool trekhener.  Thanks again for all of your help—and thank you to the families and spouses for letting us steal your loved ones (and your shovels) for the weekend.  We really appreciate it!


Jeff and Joy

Cross Country Outings

This past Saturday, Elizabeth and Julie (along with their horses)  went schooling at Twin Towers.  Kate and I went along in a coaching/photographer capacity.  All went really well—-mostly.  Julie had a small spill over a bank down—but went on to be successful many times after that.  Elizabeth “really, really, did not want to” do the beginner novice bank down, but after getting shoved out of her comfort zone a bit, did it beautifully several times in a row.  Once the whining was out of her system, all went  well.  Celine was a cross country machine.  Sapphie did a great job, but being Sapphie just made her tired.  She could not have been any cuter! Kate and I took some pictures, walked some of the prelim course (again), and were biding our time until we could get a frosty from Wendy’s.    It was a beautiful day for cross country!


Today we went to Hamilton to school the water jump at Cross Creek Farm.    Wade had his frog boots on and was ready to play in the mud!  Julie, Karen, and Jessica got dragged along too.  We got there just in time to chase a Haflinger pony with a golf cart, meet a nice goat, play in the water jump complex, and get terrorized by a cat named “Dumb”.  All in all it was a successful trip.  Gus did extremely well with the jumping, and I didn’t need my emergency set of clothes and “wundies”.  No one got wet, but Gus–and maybe Wade.  I love the Wetherbrooke Farm road trips.  It is always an adventure.

Robin Walker Clinic

We had an amazing time at the clinic last weekend.   Gus was really well behaved for his first ever clinic.  I was really nervous riding with someone new, but eventually got over it.  I thoroughly enjoyed Robin’s instruction, although at one point he yelled that he was “going to shoot me in the ass” (after I butchered a bounce line). He was tough, but very good at explaining himself.  My position got tweaked, and Gus had to learn to tone it down a bit.  All in all, it was a fantastic learning experience.  I plan on taking Gus up to Michigan soon to ride with Robin at his Maute Hause Farm.  Will he actually shoot me in the ass?   That remains to be seen.

Joy and Augustus—the year of preliminary

On Sunday– Gus, Elizabeth, Kate, Wade, and I headed to Twin Towers for our first xc schooling of 2009.  I expected Gus to be crazy with all of the high winds, but he was completely relaxed.  It was almost eery how calm he was!  Anyway, I assumed we would be all rusty and our timing would be rotten, but we hopped over some BN and Novice fences with ease and started in on some work on the bank complex.  He was fantastic.  I got to look around at the prelim. fences and just get back into the swing of things.  I kept it really low key because Gus is not quite in galloping shape after his winter of dressage.  We are riding in a jumping clinic this weekend with Robin Walker, and in a cross country clininc with Leslie Law in April.  I am looking forward to an exciting summer of Prelimimary!

Eventing Team Information

Just a quick reminder to all Wetherbrooke Farm Eventing Team members… Greater Dayton HT open date for entries is  March 31st.   Closing date for entries is  April 28th.  All coggins results will be in by next week. Our first cross country schooling date is scheduled for Thursday, March 19th.   There will be a sign up sheet on the board.  The 2nd schooling date will be Monday, March 23rd.  There will be a sign up sheet on the board for that one also. The cost for each rider will be $70.00 .  Anyone who plans on showing at Greater Dayton is required to attend at least one of these schooling sessions.  More schooling sessions and clinics will be scheduled at a later date. ( The course at Twin Towers closes on May 4.)  Any open spots in the trailer will be filled with non-eventing horses that would like to go to Twin Towers for a lesson.

Wetherbrooke Farm Work Weekend–March 28-29

Our work weekend is quickly approaching.  I have started to compile a list of things we should try to accomplish during that time.  Most of the work involves the cross country course.  I think it will get a great deal of use this spring and summer!  Some of the things I would like to get done are…

-move the metal roofing away from the wash area

-check (and fix) the footing on the galloping lanes

-Fill the flower box jump (x-c jump) with landscape fabric and sawdust/dirt—plant silk flowers

-hay bales behind bench jump

-build new jumps –drag logs/telephone poles out to field 

-slight repairs to stadium fences


We will provide food and drinks for everyone that weekend.  Kids and spouses are welcome–the more hands the better!  Thank you, and we hope to see you then!

McCrae’s First Ride

On Tuesday I groomed and tacked up McCrae for his first ride here at Wetherbrooke Farm.  I bought him in Lexington in January and he has just been hanging out here for a few months.  I think he was beginning to assume he was permanently retired.   I put him on a lunge line and let Jessica take a pony ride on him.  He could not have cared less.  After a few minutes, I lunged her at a trot—equally as quiet.  We think he will be fantastic.  He gets new shoes on Monday, and then the training will begin.  I am looking forward to it!!!!  I hope to have him ready to do a walk trot dressage test by May.  He will be thrilled to have a job that doesn’t involve sprinting in circles to the left.

March-Pony Pals

The  Pony Pals Project has been a huge success with our girls here at Wetherbrooke Farm!  Jesssica was the Pony Pal Leader last Monday and raised the bar for all future Pony Pal Gatherings.  ( Jen and I are not happy!  Ha Ha) The girls ate their McDonald’s Happy Meals in the tack room and went on a scavenger hunt all over the farm (which involved finding enough horsey gifts to fill up a whole bag!)  After that, they tacked up Ike,Abe, and Danny and headed for the arena.  After a great lessson and some mounted games, the girls untacked their horses,gave them some treats, and put the ponies to bed for the night.  They ran around up in the hay loft for a bit and then called it a night.  The giggling never stopped.  Kate is already counting the days until the next gathering.  Thank you Jessica, Jen, and Elizabeth for all of your help!