Cross Country Outings

This past Saturday, Elizabeth and Julie (along with their horses)  went schooling at Twin Towers.  Kate and I went along in a coaching/photographer capacity.  All went really well—-mostly.  Julie had a small spill over a bank down—but went on to be successful many times after that.  Elizabeth “really, really, did not want to” do the beginner novice bank down, but after getting shoved out of her comfort zone a bit, did it beautifully several times in a row.  Once the whining was out of her system, all went  well.  Celine was a cross country machine.  Sapphie did a great job, but being Sapphie just made her tired.  She could not have been any cuter! Kate and I took some pictures, walked some of the prelim course (again), and were biding our time until we could get a frosty from Wendy’s.    It was a beautiful day for cross country!


Today we went to Hamilton to school the water jump at Cross Creek Farm.    Wade had his frog boots on and was ready to play in the mud!  Julie, Karen, and Jessica got dragged along too.  We got there just in time to chase a Haflinger pony with a golf cart, meet a nice goat, play in the water jump complex, and get terrorized by a cat named “Dumb”.  All in all it was a successful trip.  Gus did extremely well with the jumping, and I didn’t need my emergency set of clothes and “wundies”.  No one got wet, but Gus–and maybe Wade.  I love the Wetherbrooke Farm road trips.  It is always an adventure.

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