March-Pony Pals

The  Pony Pals Project has been a huge success with our girls here at Wetherbrooke Farm!  Jesssica was the Pony Pal Leader last Monday and raised the bar for all future Pony Pal Gatherings.  ( Jen and I are not happy!  Ha Ha) The girls ate their McDonald’s Happy Meals in the tack room and went on a scavenger hunt all over the farm (which involved finding enough horsey gifts to fill up a whole bag!)  After that, they tacked up Ike,Abe, and Danny and headed for the arena.  After a great lessson and some mounted games, the girls untacked their horses,gave them some treats, and put the ponies to bed for the night.  They ran around up in the hay loft for a bit and then called it a night.  The giggling never stopped.  Kate is already counting the days until the next gathering.  Thank you Jessica, Jen, and Elizabeth for all of your help!

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