Wetherbrooke Farm Work Weekend–March 28-29

Our work weekend is quickly approaching.  I have started to compile a list of things we should try to accomplish during that time.  Most of the work involves the cross country course.  I think it will get a great deal of use this spring and summer!  Some of the things I would like to get done are…

-move the metal roofing away from the wash area

-check (and fix) the footing on the galloping lanes

-Fill the flower box jump (x-c jump) with landscape fabric and sawdust/dirt—plant silk flowers

-hay bales behind bench jump

-build new jumps –drag logs/telephone poles out to field 

-slight repairs to stadium fences


We will provide food and drinks for everyone that weekend.  Kids and spouses are welcome–the more hands the better!  Thank you, and we hope to see you then!

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