April has been a really busy month here at Wetherbrooke Farm!  Joy, Jen, and Gus spent 2 days in Louiseville, KY  jumping with Leslie Law.  The first day was a stadium jumping lesson at Lane’s End Farm.  The second day we got to go to Flying Cross to school the Preliminary course.  Gus was phenomenal!  He was a little overwhelmed with a few of the fences, but jumped like a champ.  We got to do the prelim water and the sunken road—which Gus had never seen before.  It was a blast, and Leslie was a fantastic teacher.  I am going to try to spend a month with him at his Ocala farm this winter to train before we move up to intermediate.

Julie and Elizabeth are gearing up for their first event in May.  So a few weeks ago I took Elizabeth, Julie, Jen, Kate, and Adria up to Twin Towers for x-c schooling.  Everyone did really well.  Elizabeth didn’t even whine once when I asked her to jump the bank down! Ha Ha Ha!  Julie and Sapphie jumped everything well and are ready for Greater Dayton.  Sapphie was exhausted and needs a good clipping job before the event.  Jen and Lucky did their first ever x-c schooling together and had a blast.  Jen never stopped smiling.  It was fantastic to see them out on course together!  Afterwards, Kate and Adria took a dressage lesson on Celine and Lucky.  They thought they were pretty cool riding at Twin Towers like the “big girls”.  Overall it was a huge success—which ended, of course, with a frosty from Wendy’s.

ROLEX—— Joy and Jessica spent the weekend at Rolex.  It  couldn’t have been any more perfect.  The weather was great, the shopping (which I did too much of) was awesome, and show was exciting!  Jen,Adria,Julie,Karen,Elizabeth, and Julia met us at cross country on Saturday.  On Sunday we were forced back to reality as the stadium ended and we made the trip home.  

I finally found a local cross country coach!  I met him out at Twin Towers on Monday for a schooling over some prelim. fences.  I galloped for about 2 hours and still can hardly walk.  Wow…… I have no idea how I will ever sit the trot at my dressage lesson today.  Our first prelim is in about 3 weeks, and I have so much still to do!!!

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