Wranglers don’t do cleavage………

Okay…..it’s the night before THE wedding.  Those of you who know the whole sordid story will appreciate this blog.  Those of you that don’t might  think I’m a raving lunatic.  I just want to update you …… the tan is good, the dress is as altered as it gets,  I will be using a whole lot of “fashion tape”, the woman at David’s Bridal suggested that she “could put in a modesty panel” for me,  Jeff claims that the whole look is “slightly pornographic”, and my sisters-in-law tell me that it will be much less revealing to others than I think it will be (which may be true if the wedding goers were dwarfs or midgets –not the family of giants that I married into) . Let’s be honest here…….I’m a girl who lives in breeches and a polo.  Tomorrow I will be a cleavage showing, formal gown wearing, toe-nail polished, sheep in wolf’s clothing.  Enough said……..

On a less obnoxious note………Tomorrow I will gain an amazing sister-in-law who is going to be a great wife, mother, friend, and aunt.  We love you,  Amanda!


Hunter’s Run Horse Trials—-Or was it an episode of “SURVIVOR”?

This past Thursday Jen, Kate, Gus, and I headed to Metamora, Michigan for the 19th running of the Hunter’s Run Horse Trials.  I’m still a bit depressed about the whole weekend, so I am just going to compile a list of words that come to mind when I think about the 4 days we spent there.  You can fill in the gaps of the story on your own.





gravel roads

Rita—our GPS angel

Ami and JIm’s house

walking the xc course

walking it again

late to bed

early to rise

more driving

really bumpy gravel roads

decent dressage test

laying out in the sun on Ami’s dock—nice!


pizza and movie night





X-C cancelled

let’s do stadium instead

shuffling of equipment

stadium cancelled


Barns flooding

Joy falling in a really deep hole created by a backhoe while I went to the trailer  that filled up with water and looked exactly like it did when I left 5 minutes before –while carrying a 1/2 bale of hay in my arms–waist deep in water while Jen stood by laughing like a lunatic

Rain stops!!!!!!

rider/safety board/organizer meeting at 6pm

Everything is on for Sunday!!!!

walking stadium

walking c-x for the 3rd time—because it had been so long since the last time

early to bed







Early to rise




no gas stations open at 6:30am on a SUNDAY in Waterford

Gas station #1

Gas station #2

almost out of gas

Gas station #3


long drive


gravel roads


cars stuck in window high water

washed out roads

THANK YOU RITA!  The third route was the charm

new rivers and lakes

2 hours in the truck

Will we EVER make it back to Gus?????

Show cancelled

150 stranded trucks and trailers

knee deep mud

no 4wheel drive

ginormous tractors

get the “HE–” out of dodge

Long drive

out $500.00

no jumping

no ribbons

no points

no fun………

MICHIGAN SUCKS!—I have been there 2-3 times this year and have had the worst weather ever.  I think I will only attend shows south of here from now on.