Life on the farm—could more things happen at one time????

This has been a crazy month for our family.  On Labor Day weekend we had our 5th annual “Barn Bash”.  I think there were over 200 people at our farm that day.  We had 100 or more children playing games, running wild, jumping in the bouncy house, fishing, and so on.  The hay rides and square dance seemed to be a big hit too.  It was a lot of fun, and gets easier each year to get ready for it.  Thanks to all of you that helped get the place ready!

My nephew “Henry” was born last Sunday.  We are all really glad he finally arrived!  He is absolutely adorable, and everyone is doing well.  Congratulations, Amy and Greg!!!!  On an interesting note–while Amy was in labor, “Lonesome Dove” was the movie playing on the tv in our waiting room.  It made me feel that my dad was there with us.  He would have been so happy to see his boy with his own little boy.  It is always a bittersweet moment when something big happens in our lives, and he is not there to celebrate it with us.

My mom is busy packing up our childhood home—she has been there for 40 years.  It is extremely sad for all of us, but we are glad she will be moving into a house that is smaller and easier for her to manage–Not to mention that it was the house that my grandmother and grandfather lived in, and the house my dad grew up in.  I think that it will be easier for her to move in to that house since it already holds so many family memories.

Gus and I are getting ready to move up to Preliminary at Jumpstart HT this weekend.  It could be a great way to end the season.  We have done about everything we can do to get ready for it.  My goal for the weekend is just to go clean x-c.  I have never ridden a course at this speed, so I am hoping not to have too many time penalties.  We will see.

Wade started “Tuesday School” this month.  My baby is not quite a baby anymore.  That has been really hard on me.  He cries when I leave, but has a lot of fun once it gets started.  I am sure it will be good for him—-IF I can survive it.

Kate is becoming a soccer star!  It has been so much fun watching her this year.  She actually wants to play!!!  She is becoming a dominating force in the middle of the field, and has been voted “Player of the game” by her teammates 2 games in a row.  WOW!!!  Where did she come from???????  My dad would be proud.

And on that note…I am off to my final dressage lesson before my show.

Kentucky Classique

Kentucky Classique was a really great show in so many ways.  The dressage tests for both Elizabeth and myself went really well.  The cross country was big and technical across the board for all divisions.  Gus and Celine sailed through with flying colors.  Celine and Elizabeth had a double clear stadium round and ended up in 6th place in her division.  Gus, who had just had his back worked on 3 days earlier, just couldn’t keep his back end up over the fences and had 3 rails down.  We dropped from 4th to 11th place—-just 1 place away from the ribbons.  He gave me everything he had, but his back just didn’t hold up after the x-c phase.  After the show, I had his back worked on again and started my training for the next show.   He is doing really well, and is getting ready for his move back up to the Preliminary level at Jumpstart HT.