Dayton Local Show Circuit Award Winners

In November, the DLSC held their annual awards banquet at the Beavercreek Golf Club.  This year our farm had 2 riders that qualified for awards.  Congratulations goes out to Elizabeth Montgomery and Adria Wenning for a great season.

Adria Wenning-5th place in Ground Poles AND 5th place in Trotting Crossrails

Elizabeth Montgomery-Reserve Champion in Low Hunter AND Reserve Champion in Open Hunter

Thanks for another great show season everyone.   You all did fantastic again this year!  I’m looking forward to 2010!


What is happening around here??

Christmas is just around the corner!  We have had a great fall and are enjoying a little time off from teaching lessons and training—2 whole weeks!  I have wrapped all my gifts and done just about everything I need to do for Christmas already.  Don’t ask me how??   But for some reason this year, I am all over it.  The Christmas lists from my kids were interesting as usual.  When Kate was small she would ask for such things as black socks, a fish in a pot, or tape.  We are a little  past that.  Now she asks for “REALLY BIG” Vera Bradley purses (to hold all of the “emergency items” like tic tacs, bandaids, hand sanitizer, etc. that she carries with her daily).  Her old Vera Bradley purse is just too small to hold the small “wal-mart” that she carries with her everywhere she goes.  She also asked for office supplies.  Yes… supplies.  “How old is she?”, you ask.  She is 9—–going on 64.  She also asked for these things she calls “squishies”.  She has about 50 of them, but has yet to get lucky enough to get the cow to come down the chute into her hand.  They are little pencil toppers that you can buy in a little gum-ball machine in the Drug-mart entry way.  We go there almost daily to see if she is lucky enough to get the cow.  Maybe Santa will have to bring it to her for Christmas.  I hope he has a quarter.

And then, there’s Wade.  He has asked for about a million things.  Most of which are really expensive.  He wants 5 different kinds of trains, real fossils, dinosaurs that open and close their mouths, trucks, race cars, DVD’s, a REALLY BIG sea otter, and of course “squishies”—-just like Kate.  I was fine will all of that until he came to the  part about the “corn harvester with tiny little corn that he can use his tractor to load into a truck and put it up into his grain elevator”.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a “corn harvester/combine”?  Oh, there are many “soy bean” harvesters around, but to find a “corn harvester” is  a whole different ball game.  And believe me….he would know the difference.  Thanks goes out to “Bill” at the Springboro Tractor Supply Company for giving me a crash course on harvesters, combines, grain elevators, and other farm equipment.  Now I just need to come up with some “tiny corn” that he can load and unload until his little heart’s content.

So, it seems that this Christmas is going well so far.  I am trying to get all of my ducks (and horses) in a row so that the kids and I can leave for Florida at the end of January.  I am taking Gus to train with Lesley Law (an olympic gold medalist) down in Ocala for the month of February.  We are really excited about it, but I am in the process of getting myself in shape (and my horse) so that we don’t embarrass ourselves!

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!