It’s official……

Well, my entries have now been sent out for the show at the Florida Horse Park on the 13-14!  I guess that means we’re really doing this!  I have a week left before I leave and so much left to do.  The good news is that Gus is doing really well at Sue’s.  He’s a bit on the hyper side as usual, but his dressage is really coming along–thanks to his new bit!  We have conditioned as much as we can  between dressage lessons, and I think Gus is fine.  His rider may not quite be there yet!  We have gotten a few jump schools in over the last 3 weeks, but a bout with sore feet put us behind a few days.  All this wet weather has made his feet a bit soft, and I have had to treat him for that.  This week is dedicated to conditioning, and Gus will make the trip back and forth from Trails End to our farm 3 times for his farrier, chiropractor, and vet appointments.   Somewhere in there I will have to clip him, pack, and get the farm details finished up.  I can’t wait to hit I-75!  More from Ocala in a few days!!!!!

Getting Ready for Florida….

Well, January is in full swing now.  I trailered Gus over to Sue’s to train for the month so that I could have the use of a bigger indoor arena.  I am taking 2-3 dressage lessons a week, and I’m trying to jump and condition on the other days.  So far, it has been a high of 20 degrees on most days that we have been there.  It has been pretty quiet over there, and needless to say, I have not had to fight for arena time!  Gus thinks he’s pretty cool hanging out with all of the fancy warmbloods in the new “show barn”.  I told him not to get too used to it.

I am starting to gather up some of my stuff, and making a lot of arrangements for the trip.  Ocala has been pretty chilly lately, but they average about 70 degrees in February!  Whoo Hoo!!!  I’m getting my entry information together so that I can enter a show at the Florida Horse Park on the 13-14.  It will be really strange to jump x-c in February.  I hope we can get ourselves into shape by then!