Welcome, “Alligator”!!!

Yesterday we became the proud owners of a new golden retriever puppy named “Alligator”.  What an awesome name for a dog, you say???  My 3 (almost 4 ) year old son, Wade, named her that.  We were thrilled.  The alternatives were “Spinasaurus”, “Crab”, and “Lobster”.  Kate and I felt that Alligator (aka “Allie”)  was a perfect name.  So now we begin the puppy training nightmare, as if we have nothing else to do with our time here on the farm.  Our other farm pets “Emerald”, “Stripey”, and “Blackie” are excited about little “Alligator” too.  (Well, maybe not Stripey and Blackie ).

Other news:

Emerald (aka “Em”) ,  our 2 year old golden retriever, is learning how to pull a wagon.  My 9 year old, Kate, has had her hooked up to my son’s  little red wagon for the last week.  Em is hauling little pieces of wood to the fire pit, carrying her own treats, and doing other random jobs.  Meanwhile, Wade is buzzing around the farm on his miniature 4-wheeler like a maniac trying to jump it off the little concrete incline by the barn. Spring is here.  It looks to be a good one.

Congratulations, Elizabeth!

Congratulations goes out to Elizabeth Montgomery on her purchase of my 6 year old Thoroughbred gelding “McCrae”.   I am looking forward to coaching this new team!  Elizabeth and McCrae plan to make their eventing debut at Greater Dayton Horse Trials in May.

Her mare, “Celine”, is going into semi-retirement as a lesson horse here at Wetherbrooke Farm.  We are thrilled to have her!

Spring is here——FINALLY!

Well, it is not quite official….but I believe that spring is right around the corner.  The birds are chirping in the morning, the mud is as thick as it’s ever been,  and the horses are shedding so badly that it looks like a small herd of animals has been killed in the grooming area.  Wade is back to dropping his drawers and peeing on anything and everything possible.  (there for awhile it was too cold for even him!)

The farm is getting ready to turn the corner from brown, muddy, and disgusting to bright green, clean, and beautiful.  I love it when that happens.  We are currently in the process of building 5 more stalls.  Lots of new things are happening around here!  We will be able to give out more details later.

The show season is about to begin, and the barn girls are getting restless.  They are ready to hit the x-c course.  I am hoping to do just that this week or next.

We are ready for spring.  Nothing better than a new beginning…. a fresh start…… a new season…. a new (lighter) wardrobe….. and some sunshine.