Welcome, “Alligator”!!!

Yesterday we became the proud owners of a new golden retriever puppy named “Alligator”.  What an awesome name for a dog, you say???  My 3 (almost 4 ) year old son, Wade, named her that.  We were thrilled.  The alternatives were “Spinasaurus”, “Crab”, and “Lobster”.  Kate and I felt that Alligator (aka “Allie”)  was a perfect name.  So now we begin the puppy training nightmare, as if we have nothing else to do with our time here on the farm.  Our other farm pets “Emerald”, “Stripey”, and “Blackie” are excited about little “Alligator” too.  (Well, maybe not Stripey and Blackie ).

Other news:

Emerald (aka “Em”) ,  our 2 year old golden retriever, is learning how to pull a wagon.  My 9 year old, Kate, has had her hooked up to my son’s  little red wagon for the last week.  Em is hauling little pieces of wood to the fire pit, carrying her own treats, and doing other random jobs.  Meanwhile, Wade is buzzing around the farm on his miniature 4-wheeler like a maniac trying to jump it off the little concrete incline by the barn. Spring is here.  It looks to be a good one.

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