“Do you do any tricks with them?”

Okay.  So tonight I had the whole evening to myself.  Rare…. very rare.  In fact, I can’t even remember when the last time could have been.  My children are having a slumber party with their grandparents, my husband is on his way home from a business trip, and I got done with my riding and farm chores by 5:30pm.  What is a girl to do with all of that time to herself?????  Well, first of all, I called the salon to make a spur of the moment hair appointment to get my hair cut.   I haven’t done that since before the Florida trip.  I get in by 7pm to see my girl.   She isn’t my regular girl, but we’ll call her “Bambi”, just for fun.  We start out the usual way……

Bambi—- “how do you want it cut?”

Joy—– ” I really don’t care, as long as I can still get it into a pony tail without  bobby pins.  I have to wear a helmet, and I don’t want to wear a hair net.”

Bambi—- “EEEWWWW, a hairnet.”

Joy—- “yeah, the hairs fly away under your helmet, and the judges don’t like fly aways in the show ring” .

Bambi—–“You show????”


Bambi—-“that is sooooooooo cool”.


Bambi— “do you do barrels?  My friend used to do barrel racing.”

Joy—-“No, I do jumping ” ( just trying to keep it simple).

Bambi—– “So, do horses ever sit?”

Joy—“No.  They lie down sometimes though, but not for very long periods of time.”

Bambi—-“Wow.  That is so0000000 cool.  I never knew that.”


Bambi—- “so how do you teach horses to jump?”

Joy—-” Well………..(try to condense everything you have ever learned about jumping into a 5 word sentence or so)……you start out with a pole on the ground and keep making it higher.”

Bambi—-“like baby steps.”

Joy—-“Yeah.  And it takes years.”

Bambi——” I wouldn’t think it should take that long.”

Joy—– “To teach them to do it correctly it does”.

Bambi—–” How do you do it correctly?”

Joy—-(I must try to distract her and change the subject, but HOW?!) “It’s like teaching a runner to jump hurdles correctly.  You don’t want them to do it wrong and fall on their face”.

Bambi—–” Do you do any tricks with them?”

Joy—(feeling like I have been beaten with a stick) “No…… I just jump”.

Bambi—–“oh.  That is soooooooo cool.”

As I walk up to the counter to pay the cashier at the check out desk, I wonder to myself…..Was this really the way I wanted to spend my evening?  Bambi gave me a pretty nice haircut, but was it really worth it??  What happened to talking about the weather?  Or what about the boyfriend she just dumped?  What about the new health care legislation?  Why not a good discussion about religion?  Or how about a good old fashioned debate on Pro- life Vs. Pro- Choice  ????

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