Day 14 of the “non-diet” & the thoughts that go with it

Day 14 started out like any other day, full of promise and hopes for losing more poundage.   I ate a banana with a little bit of peanut butter on it.  I didn’t even have time for a drink.  I went outside to get Gus ready to go to our lesson out at Trails End.  I groomed him and loaded him in the trailer at about 11.  At my mom’s I grabbed a small bit of turkey (no bread) , a few small cubes of colby cheese, and a really cold COKE—-and I liked it.  Wade spent a few hours at my mom’s house while I took a lesson (which went extremely well).    After my lesson, I stopped at McDonald’s to get a water with lemon (and one packet of splenda in it) and a VERY SMALL vanilla ice cream cone.  I say VERY SMALL because the boy behind the counter had no clue how to make a good cone, and he ended up just making a couple of vertical loops instead of nice horizontal spirals.  After I picked Wade up at my mom’s, I went home to do some farm chores.  I unloaded Gus, fed horses, turned all the horses out, cleaned Gus’s stall, and did a few other odd jobs.  Kate got off the bus at 4:15, just in time to tack her horse up for a lesson with Elizabeth.  I watched some of the lesson while Wade and I played with Alligator.  My mom came at 6 to take the kids  for their birthday outing to Bob Evans and ” How to Train Your Dragon”.  Jeff came home with Flying Pizza.  I ate 2 pieces and drank Mt. Dew with it—-one part rebellion… one part celebration.  I spent the rest of the night outside doing a little mowing, a little work in my barn office, a little helping with lessons, and a lot of talking with people at the barn.  The kids came home at almost 9:30pm.  They had a blast with their granny, and were headed to bed by 10pm—–just in time for me to start making 30 birthday brownies for Kate to share with her class tomorrow.  I did lick the spoon once.  It was a nice way to end the 2 weeks.

After thoughts*********

Did the diet work?  I think I lost close to 5 pounds in 2 weeks- not the 15 I was looking for, but I may have been a little unrealistic in my expectations.

Was it worth it?  It is not a difficult way to live.  The hardest part is trying to remember what I ate so that I could write about it later.

Will I continue the non-diet?  I will definitely be able to do this as a new way of life.  I am not the best at figuring out what foods I can/should eat, but it will get easier as I go.

What has been the best part of the non-diet experience?  I think overall it has not affected my life in any adverse way.  I do not feel like I am dieting at all, but rather strategizing my food intake.  I have enjoyed the writing that has accompanied the diet.  It has given me yet another goal to achieve in my crazy life.

What has been the worst part of the experience?  I thought it would be the fact that I could only have 1 pop a day, but I really could have given that up also.   I think the two worst parts for me were the fact that I never have enough groceries in the house to have a variety to choose from, AND the way I felt after eating eggs for days on end.

Overall, I would recommend this to anyone.  I don’t really feel better.  I just know that eventually the effort will pay off.  I get discouraged when I don’t get dramatic and immediate results (I am sure that comes as a bit of a shock to those of you that know me ).  I will continue on my quest to get another 10-15 pounds off by mid summer.  I just won’t be giving you all the minute to minute updates anymore.  I know you will be sad to see the end to the daily “non-diet” blog, but I will still keep you up to date on the more important issues in my life like………….Does Wade get more squishies for his birthday????  Will Kate’s birthday “Mardis Gras” continue even into next week?  Will little Alligator ever grow big enough to not be able to slip through our fence at will?  Will Rhyland ever get ridden?  Or did we just collect another really expensive pet?

Stay tuned……………………………………..

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