Greater Dayton Horse Trials–A Great Way To Start The Season!

Last weekend I took 5 horses to Twin Towers Park to participate in the first horse trials of the season.  Gus and I completed our first preliminary together with ZERO jumping penalties on the cross country course!  We were a little slow x-c and received some time penalties, but I wasn’t riding for time.  We put in a decent dressage test, but the scores didn’t show what I had hoped they would.  Gus jumped a great stadium round, but unfortunately his idiot rider forgot to make the tight turn to fence #7, and ended up with some penalty points—He, however, jumped really well.  I couldn’t be more happy with the way he went this weekend.  I am ready for our next prelim. in 2 weeks at the Kentucky Horse Park!  This time I will be ready to compete—-not just complete  (okay, that was unintentional, but very corny).

Julie and Sapphie started the season in Beginner Novice.  Julie had a good dressage test ( on a very lazy, hot pony) and went on to have a double clear stadium round.  It might not have been the greatest stadium ride the pair ever had, but it put Julie into ribbon contention.  The highlight of the pair’s weekend was the cross-country!  Julie and Sapphie had the greatest x-c ride ever, and the pair ended up in 5th place out of 14 riders.  Congratulations, Julie!

Michelle and Oreo (also competing in BN) had the best dressage test they have ever had!—which was Michelle’s goal for the weekend.  The pair then went on to have a double clear stadium round.  The team had an unfortunate miscommunication at fence #4 on the cross-country course which ended in a fall for Michelle.  Luckily everyone walked away uninjured and ready to get some more jumping schools under their belt.  Nothing like a good fall to help teach some valuable lessons—-I should know because last year I had one at the very same show!  It proved to be the best thing that could have ever happened to my season last year!

Jessica and Aragon competed in the starter division at  their first horse trials this weekend .  The pair put in a great dressage test which landed them in 2nd place.  Way to go, Jessica!  After a well-fought fight in the stadium and a few rails, the team then went on to ride a nice x -c course.  They had one refusal which put the team into 7th place overall.  Aragon proved that with a little time under his belt and a few more shows, he is going to be one to watch!

Elizabeth and McCrae (also riding starter) had a nice dressage test and an almost clean stadium round (with just one rail).  After a really rough start to the cross-country (like he tried to twirl her across the field out of the start box and take her back to the barn), he ended up going clean x-c and putting them into 2nd place.  Luckily for her, the start box staff was extremely understanding and allowed me to catch them and send them back out on course!

Congratulations to all of our riders!  And a special thank you to our grooms and helpers for helping to make this such a great weekend–Jen (groom of the world), Julia, Jessica, and the Pony Pals.


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