Rhyland starts his new career today!

Tomorrow marks the 2nd full week since Rhyland came to live at our farm.  In those 2 weeks, he has been clipped, trimmed, brushed, bathed, trailer loaded, de-wormed, vaccinated, tied, cross-tied (not so successfully I might add!), fitted with tack, lunged, and worked on the ground.  Today I put a saddle on him for the first time.  Because he doesn’t yet cross tie well, it took quite a little while.  I lunged him in full tack and boots today, and was extremely pleased by what I saw.  After the bucking bronco show ended, he actually looked pretty fancy.  He is light on his front end, clever with his back end, and extremely balanced both directions.  When I was finished lunging him, I hand walked (jumped) him over several jumps in the arena.  He doesn’t seem to mind much at all.  Then I took him over to the mounting block and draped myself over his back to see what he would do.  He seemed pretty ok with that.  He hasn’t been ridden since he came off the track over a year ago.   This might be his lucky week.

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  1. “light on his front end and clever with his back end”…that’s how people describe me after they see me dance.

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