A successful weekend for Team Wetherbrooke!

Well, we made it through through a very long weekend of horse shows here at Wetherbrooke Farm.  After 2 REALLY LONG weeks of weedwacking, mowing, barn painting, cleaning, dragging arenas,  setting up, and doing paperwork…..we finally made it to 8 am Saturday morning.  We ended up with over 65 dressage rides on Saturday.  Everything went smoothly, and ran on time most of the day.   Overall, the day was a huge success , and the Wetherbrooke girls did extremely well in all of their tests. 

Kate Von Handorf — 3rd place in Intro. Test A Jr. AND 6th place in Training Level Test 1 Jr.

Elizabeth Montgomery —6th place in Intro. Test B Sr. AND 5th place in — USEA BN test B

Jessica Orme —1st place in — USEA BN Test A AND 2nd place in — USEA BN test B

Adria Wenning —2nd place in Training Level Test 1 Jr. AND 2nd place in Training Level Test 2

Julie Hooper —place in Training Level Test 3 AND 2nd place in Training Level Test 3

The first half of the Hunter show on Sunday was a bit stressfull.  For whatever reason, the morning classes had only a few riders in each of them.  Not only was I worried about making enough money to pay the judge, but I was worried that the morning classes were going so quickly that the afternoon riders wouldn’t make it to the farm in time to ride in their afternoon classes.  I was starting to get a bit concerned, but after a long lunch break, the afternoon riders started to pull into the farm.  The afternoon classes went better, and things got back on schedule.  All in all…. the day ended up going well.   Our Wetherbrooke girls did really well on Sunday too.  We even had a few students and horses make their show debut! 

Kate Von Handorf and Best Sensation—1st, 2nd, 3rd in Ground poles

Morgan Orme and Aragon—4th and 4th in Ground poles and 5th in w/t equitation

Corinthia Webster and Abe—6th, and 6th in Ground poles

Kelli Huesman and Cavalier—1st,2nd, and 2nd in Ground poles

Elizabeth Montgomery and Rhyland—2nd, 1st, and 1st in Cantering cross rails

Elizabeth Montgomery and McCrae—3rd, 3rd, and 4th in Baby Hunter AND 1st, 4th, and 2nd in Novice Hunter

Adria Wenning and Lucky—1st, 5th, and 1st in Baby Hunter

Michelle Richardson and Oreo—3rd,2nd, and 4th in Novice Hunter AND 3rd,1st, and3rd in Low Hunter

Jessica Orme and Aragon—1st, 3rd and 1st in Low Hunter

Lindsay Frost and Danny—-1st place in lead line

Congratulations, everyone!!!

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