A typical day at the barn

Molokoi (Dorothy's 2 time olympic horse and WEG silver medalist)
Chelsea and Burton “bonding”
Michelle and Pickles
Dorothy and Burton over the oxer
Joy and Gus—-lesson #4 (flatwork, flatwork, flatwork)
Jon and Jen Holling’s jump field
Dorothy teaching lessons

Life at the barn in Florida is not exactly what I pictured.  At first I was worried about what I would do with all of my spare time down here.  I had visions of reading books, laying by the pool, taking long leisurely walks, and maybe even visiting some friends who live down here.   Would I get bored???   I am actually laughing out loud at that last line.   A typical day in the life of a barn girl looking to someday move up to intermediate in the near future looks a lot like this……..

Alarm clock goes off at 6:30am

Leap off of the air mattress and get dressed in my closet

Hit the bathroom for teeth brushing etc.

Grab a slim-fast shake out of the fridge for breakfast (and a banana and apple for lunch)

Run out the door by 7:15am

Get to the barn by 7:30am to help Michelle start morning chores

Feed our 7 horses (Gus, Michelle’s horse, and Dorothy’s 5),Clean water buckets, do hay, clean stalls, switch blankets around, bring in horses, put horses out, sweep barn aisle, start heating up the grooming water, get the first round of tack ready to be put on the first horses of the morning

Dorothy arrives to ride the first horse

Other 3 start getting tacked up

As Dorothy finishes with one, the others get bathed and their irish knit goes on

When all horses have been ridden, lessons begin with Joy and Michelle

Our horses get bathed and put away, all others gets knits off and sheets back on

If Dorothy’s horses need hacked after a day of jumping, we do that after the last lesson

All saddles and bridles get cleaned, boots washed, and saddle pads piled up for the laundry

It’s now 5pm or later….

Horses get grained again, turned out in fields with overnight blankets, and given fresh hay and water in stalls.

Joy goes to Starbucks or Panera to check e-mails and make phone calls.

By the time I get in bed it’s past 11, and the day is ready to begin again.

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