Augustus is demoted (and it serves him right!)

Gus will be doing Novice this weekend at the Rocking Horse #1 Horse Trials.  Yep….his first novice in 3 years.  Dorothy Crowell, 2 time olympian and WEG team member may just be on board.  Though we are getting better and better with our new style of riding, we may not have it together enough to make it through a training level event.  Dorothy rode him again today while I rode Michelle’s Intermediate horse “Pickles”.   Pickles already knows all of this “torture circle” stuff, so it was easier for me to see how it worked on him.  I felt really good about the ride when I was done.  He did almost dump me on the way back to the barn, but I survived.  Nothing like a ginormous horse leaping around in the air to make me feel like a complete and utter pansie.  So today was considered a “hacking” day for Gus.  Tomorrow we will get back to the grind.  Dorothy is doing everything in her power to get me ready to ride Saturday.  I never thought I could be so worried about Novice.  The jumps are a non-issue……whether or not I can steer him well enough (in my new style) to get to them is a HUGE concern. 

Kate and Wade have been troopers.  They aren’t used to running around all day in the sun, so tonight they are bone tired.  We are sitting in Panera after a great meal.  They kids are playing their video games, and we are headed to Wal-mart after that.  I think they have earned a new game after the day they have had.

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