Jump School Success For Joy and Gus

Today was stadium day!  I did my dressage test as my warm-up, and though I did it in the cross-country field, it went well.  Then we moved on to jumping.  Gus was great.  I am not allowed to canter single fences yet, so Gus and I trotted (yes, trotted) 3ft. high (or higher) fences the entire ride.  I was allowed to canter in the middle of a combination, but that was it.  Other than getting tossed out of the tack many times (which Dorothy laughed hysterically at), we did really well.  At times, Gus would WAYYYYYY over jump a fence and I would just swear I was coming off, but I didn’t.   He listened most of the time, and when he didn’t I could fix it.  At the beginning of the school, Gus decided he would lay on my left hand and took a whole standard (and all the rails with it) down with my kneecap.  The next time through he decided that he would just stay on his line and carry himself.  I was just thankful it was not a cross-country fence which would have taken my knee right off.

Tomorrow we head to Rocking Horse Farm.  We leave at 8am to go and watch Michelle and Pickles do dressage.  We are taking all of the horses so that we can take our lessons there.  Then we will walk courses, watch Michelle do stadium, and get ready to go home.  I will do my dressage Saturday morning, stadium in the afternoon, and x-c on Sunday.  I am actually looking forward to it.  I will probably not write again until the end of the weekend, so wish us luck.   I am just hoping to not get eliminated in our “new Style”.

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