Rainbow falls and two wound up urchins

In front of a waterfall
It doesn’t even show the “ornery”
Wade wearing his reindeer antlers (palm tree bark)
Kate practicing her eye rolling
Wade practicing his eye rolling

The kids and I visited “Rainbow Falls” state park this morning.  They were a bit on the wild side, so running the trails was good for the wild urchins.  We saw a few water falls, a hot springs swimming hole, and a whole lot of not so pretty foliage.  I don’t think January is a great time for blooms. The butterfly garden was butterflyless, and the swimming hole was swimmerless.   We may have been the only people in the whole place at 10am.  It was like our own private ghost town.   The kids had a blast, nonetheless.  They enjoyed their photo shoot and looking for “wild squirrels”.

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