The kids are in town!!!

Kate and Wade hanging out on Cocoa Beach
Kate and Wade hanging out with the sea gulls

Kate and Wade arrived on Friday night to stay with me for a week.  It was so good to see them and their smiling faces.  We spent the night in the apartment on Friday night, and then we went to Orlando yesterday.  It was really nice to get away from the barn for awhile.  Michelle and Chelsea were nice enough to take care of Gus for a few days for me.  He was supposed to be off today since he did some x-c yesterday, but Michelle wasn’t sure if Dorothy would let him have a day off.  I am still in Orlando, so Gus could be doing his torture circle as I am writing this.    I sort of hope that he is.

We went to Cocoa Beach yesterday.  It was only 60 degrees (I know that sounds hot to you all at home), so we were in sweatshirts and jeans.  The kids hunted for seashells while we walked the beach.  I have about an hour before I need to check out of the hotel and get back to reality.   It has been a nice break.

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