A jumping lesson with Gus behind the wheel

Gus all booted up for his lesson

I wish I could tell you that the lesson following this picture taking session was a good one, but that would be a complete lie.  Gus was wayyyyyy too excited to get back to the jumping after his week of medication, relaxing, and hacking.  The horse was just plain wound up.  I was all ready (blow up vest and all) to do some x-c jumping today after a short stadium lesson.  Yeah, right.  Gus had other plans.  My plans were to quietly proceed from the gymnastic part of the lesson to the course work part of the lesson, and then end up rolling around the x-c course.  Gus had this plan…….canter as fast as you can over the ground poles, then blast your way through the gymnastic, then get in trouble, and lastly spend the next hour walking over BN height fences for the rest of the lesson.  2 hours later……he was still hyper and I was exhausted.  I never did see a x-c fence, but the horse can jump like no one’s business—–even at the walk.   

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