Getting ready for a new week of training

Our wash rack full of boots
Chelsie hanging out with Gren and Sting in the trailer
Michelle and Pickles warming up for dressage

Monday was a day off for all of the horses.  We spent the day washing splint boots, shipping boots, show brushes, show pitch forks, and other show stuff.  6 horses times 3 phases = a whole lot of crap that needed to get cleaned.  Michelle had cleaned all of Dorothy’s tack on Sunday, so we were one step ahead of the game.  We took a short nap break in the sun (it was 75 degrees—I’m sorry to tell you Ohioans that), and we even had time to go to “Pepe’s” for lunch.  That’s our favorite little Mexican lunch place—on days when we  actually have time to eat.  We fed and were out of the barn by 5pm.  It felt great to only put in a 9 hour day. 

Today was an interesting one.  Michelle was off today, so Chelsie and I were in charge of the barn.  We got to the barn at 7:30 to feed and start our morning chores.  It was supposed to be a day for all of the horses to hack, but the equine dentists messed up our schedule.  Chelsie and Ionly got to hack Pickles and Sting  before the two dentists arrived.  Dorothy’s 4 competition horses, Pickles, and Gus all got their teeth “power floated”.  By that, I mean that there were power tools (dremels etc) involved.   It cost me $190 to have his teeth done, but it supposedly will make a huge difference in how he eats, holds weight, keeps his vertebrae in line, and how he travels.  It seems as though they are making a great deal of assumptions over the importance of teeth, so I am anxious to ride him tomorrow to see if they are right.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a hack/flatwork day, Thursday Dressage, Friday Gymnastics, Saturday and Sunday jumping???   We will see what the rest of the week brings.

I am longing for home today.  I don’t think my schedule is going to permit me to come home at all.  Though I am bummed about that, I am also looking forward to working my way up the eventing ladder once again.

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