Things I will leave with…..

I will be leaving Ocala this winter with some very important lessons learned.  Not riding lessons, but life lessons. 

Though the riding has been great, I have been reminded of things far more important.

1.  honesty is everything

2.  do not compromise your beliefs

3.  a lot of the time you must go backward to go forward

4.  the grass is very seldom greener on the other side

5.  money is not everything—-and not even close

6.  family is more important than dreams

7.  God is more important than family

8.  Be thankful for what you have…..and talk about it daily

9.  Tell people how much you appreciate them on a regular basis

10. Be a good steward of your time

11. Lead by example and remember to praise your students/players/employees for jobs well done

12.  Treat people the way that your would like to be treated

13.  Live  life with no regrets

14.  Spend as much time with your children as your can….they will only be little once

15.  Live life in the present….the future will come when it comes

16.  Be able to laugh at yourself

17.  Give 110 percent

18.  Come to the realization that life is never what you expect

19.  Work hard and play even harder

20.  Be approachable

21.  Drink less mountain dew and the weight will come off (ha ha)

22.  Be thankful for all that you have—because most people in the world have way less

23.  Do what you say, and say what you do

For me personally…….

I have always loved my life.  I could not have planned it out to be any better than this.  Even though I am an over achiever that always feels driven to move up a level, build more stalls, buy and train a new horse….   I realize that even if I lost everything, my world would be just fine.   You see, I have the greatest family in the world.   My husband is not only handsome (and you all know that he will kill me later for writing that!), but he is the best husband and father that ever lived.  He has supported these crazy horse dreams of mine for all of these years, and I am so thrilled that he is finally able to pursue his own.  And then there are my kids….I don’t have words to describe how blessed I am to be their mom.  They are the smartest, funniest, sweetest, and cutest kids ever born (maybe I am a bit biased, but I don’t think so). 

So that is that.  This may be my last entry.  All that’s left to do now is ride.

Go, Team Wetherbrooke!

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