An interview with Wade

Wade and his $10

The interview questions and answers (both) were provided to you by Wade himself.

What are your favorite things?  airplanes, dinosaurs, money, a couple numbers (1,0, 11,10)

What is your favorite color? green and blue

What is your favorite animal? a zebra

What is your favorite TV show?  Wild Kratts

Who is your favorite person?  dad’s phone and you (meaning ME—the mama)–not sure exactly when Jeff’s phone became a person, but that’s what the boy said.

Who is your favorite person on Wild Kratts?  Chris and Martin

Upcoming dates for the Wetherbrooke Farm Show Team

Spring is here, though it feels exactly like winter.  I jumped Rhyland today while the sky spit snow at me from above.   Even though the cold wind swirled around me, I noticed that the pastures were actually green!  It is really exciting to think that in just 2 weeks I will be competing in my first show “up north”.     Gus is doing fantastic in his training this week.  Rhyland is coming to grips with the new system—-although he has his moments of belligerence.  I am looking forward to getting him out to a few local shows before his Beginner Novice debut in May. 

Some spring dates for the Wetherbrooke Farm Show Team————

April 8-10—Spring Bay Horse Trials

April 16–Hilltop Hunter Show

April 28-May 1—-Rolex Kentucky 3 Day Event

May 7—Stillwater Hunter Show

May 8—Cross Country Schooling at Twin Towers

May 21-22—- Greater Dayton Horse Trials

June 2-5—IEA Training Level 3 Day Event

Abe— 5 year old haflinger for sale

Abe and Kate---March 2011
Abe—March 2011
Abe—March 2011

“Abe”, our 5 year old registered Haflinger pony is for sale.  He is 14.2 hands tall and has been doing beginner lessons for the last 2 years here at Wetherbrooke Farm.  He clips, ties, loads, bathes, and stands well for the vet and farrier.  He has no vices.  He is barefoot and is an extremely easy keeper.  Abe has been shown over groundpoles and cross rails.  I am only selling him to make room for my working student’s horse.  I am asking $3,700 for him.  If you are interested, please contact me at (937) 623-8337.  Thanks!  Joy

My weekend on the beach—-does it have to be over???

Our hotel's private beach
The view out our hotel window—-couldn’t get much better
Phil, A.J, Jeff, and Rob at “Lu Lu’s “
Joy and Jeff
Debbie, Joy, Holly, and Wendy

Last Friday, 4 childless couples boarded a plane to Fort Lauderdale for a weekend of sunshine and sand.  We had an absolute blast!  Holly, Phil, Debbie, A.J, Wendy, Rob, Jeff, and I spent 4 fantastic days together on the beach.  It was the first time we had ever gotten to go somewhere together for a “couples’ weekend”, and before we left we were already planning for next year.  No horses, no computers, no lessons to teach, no bridges to design…….just hanging out, playing cards, and lounging on the beach.   Counting the days until next year…….

Things are getting busy around here…..

Things are starting to get really busy around here!  This weekend we will be hosting a 2 day clinic  (the next one will be at the end of March).    I have several new riders coming out to show with us this year, and a few new horses making their debuts.  I have added a new working student/ show groom to our crew also.  Thanks to Jessica,  my young gelding is now under saddle and might make an appearance at a schooling show sometime this fall.  Gus will do his first prelim of the season in May, his first training level 3 day in June,  and hopefully a prelim. 3 day in October.  Rhyland will come out BN in May and hopefully move up to Novice after a few shows.   We will have 7 or 8 horses eventing with us this summer, which means that Michelle and Kelli bought a new trailer at the perfect time! 

It’s getting close…..I can almost smell the grass growing on the cross country course:)

Torture circling my way toward spring….

Today I jumped Gus.  It was one of the first times we have been able to jump since Florida.  I had to walk my fair share of fences before I was able to ride the gymnastic I had set up for myself.  Erica helped me set fences so that I could knock a few down in the process.  Gus was wooooouuuuuddddd up.  After walking fences and torture circling my way around the arena, we were able to get a few good fences in before quitting time.  Rhyland, however, was fantastic.  Last year we were jumping in a running martingale with a 3 ring elevator bit.  This year we are in a french link snaffle……and no martingale.  He has figured out the torture circle extremely quickly, and aside from a series of bucks yesterday, has been doing great!  We were able to canter some crossrails today, and I will be jumping both horses again tomorrow over actual fences.

All of my students and their horses are thrilled with the new “tools” I have come home with.  They are working really hard to get their horses through the first few weeks of the “torture circle”…….which is pretty much true to its name.  They are extremely sore, but the difference in the way their horses are traveling is amazing.  It is fascinating for me to be on the ground watching and teaching as dramatic transformations are taking place.  The horses have been getting lighter in the front end, carrying themselves on the flat and over fences, and staying bent and in the outside rein.  It is really exciting!