Gemwood Horse Trials…..lots of goals met!

This weekend I trailered 4 horses to Twin Towers Park to compete at Gemwood. Jessica and Julie rode in the same beginner novice division. Jessica had the main goal of going clean xc with no stop at the ditch. Julie had the goal of getting her low energy pony through the weekend without dying of heat exhaustion. Both Jessica and Julie met all their goals with flying colors. Aragon looked brave and fantastic over all of his xc fences. Sapphie made it around clean with only .4 time penalties. ….and recovered well afterward. Both riders finished the show well and ended up in the ribbons. Congratulations to Jessica on her 5th place finish and to Julie on her 6th place finish!

My two guys could not have been better. Gus put in a decent dressage test, pulled 1 rail in the stadium, and went clean xc. The entire preliminary group had time penalties, and thankfully we were only 4 seconds slow. Gus ended the show in third place. My goal of finishing clean on xc was met. Now we are qualified to compete in the preliminary 3 day event at the horse park in October. Gus also earned more points to go toward leaderboard standings. I was thrilled!

I had a few goals that Rhyland met as well. My first goal was to better his dressage score by ten points. I think we lowered it by 13! He was great. I also wanted to go clean in the stadium and in xc….he did both. Rhyland ended the weekend on his dressage score which put us into 6th place at the end of the weekend.


Thank you to all of the people who helped us at the show!

Elizabeth – wherever needed
Julia– wherever needed
Emily–wherever needed
Jeff—videographer, trailering
Kate— wherever needed
Morgan —wherever needed
Michelle —-braiding and wherever needed

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  1. I’ve got to post a HUGE thank you to Michelle for
    braiding and grooming for me. I wouldn’t have
    survived. You are awesome!

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