Getting Ready For Gemwood Horse Trials

Gemwood HT are just around the corner.  It’s a little bit difficult to think about another long weekend in the heat, so today we took a break to have a barn pool party.  It was a last second decision, and today was the only day I was able to take some time away from the barn to have one.  The rest of the week will be spent packing, doing horse laundry, and getting Gus clean (that’s a job!) for this weekend’s show.  I am also competing Rhyland this weekend, so there will be lots of work to do with him as well.

Today’s dressage on Gus was fantastic.  I am going to do my jump schools on Tuesday and Thursday on him.  Rhyland competed in the dressage show at our farm this weekend, so I gave him today off.   Tomorrow he will jump also, and hopefully get himself together for this weekend.

I have put just a little bit of pressure on myself for Gemwood.  I need just one more clean x-c ride on Gus to qualify for the Preliminary 3day event at the Kentucky Horse Park in October, and  I am hoping to get it this weekend.  Then it is off to Richland Park Horse Trials to do the prelim course in August——the biggest challenge of my riding career to date.  After that, Flying Cross Horse Trials in September, and then the 3day.  That’s the plan…….I am hoping it works out!

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