Gus—–moving up the prelim.leaderboard in area 8

Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to see that Gus has moved up to 7th place on the preliminary horse leaderboard. His rider ( me 🙂 ) also made it onto the preliminary rider leaderboard in 7th place. Very exciting times for me and Augustus! We are 3 weeks away from our biggest challenge to date….. Richland Park. As I make my way home from the beach tonight, my head is reeling with all of the things I need to be doing to get ready (and get Gus ready) for Richland. I have a lesson with Dorothy on the 9th, and possibly a xc schooling before we head to Michigan. I’ve had a nice physical break this week, but Gus has been hacked and worked lightly by Jessica while I’ve been gone. I know what that course is going to be like, and I couldn’t afford to give him too much time to stand around. This week will be filled with dressage , light jumping, and a gallop up at twin towers. We have a great deal of dressage work to do before we head north to ride against the big boys.

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