July 29th

Today is July 29th. My dad would have been 68 years old today.

It’s been a little while since I’ve been quiet enough to do much thinking ‚ but sitting on the beach watching the tide roll in and out can force a person to take some time to think.

The beach doesn’t really hold any memories for me and my dad. In fact, the only time we were on the beach together was when I was about one year old, and I was too young to remember any of it.

Sitting here, however, watching the waves crash onto the beach, looking out at the vastness of the water, makes me miss my dad and wish he could be here to see all of this…….my beautiful kids splashing in the surf, the sandcastles they’ve built all around us, and me and Jeff……..all of us happy and healthy.

My dad may not have enjoyed the traveling it took to get here, or the sand, or even the water…..but he would have loved watching the kids. Maybe he is watching.

I’d like to think so.

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