Ready for Gemwood!

The horses made it up to Twin Towers this afternoon in 97 degree weather.  We left Erica (aka McGyver–not sure if that’s the correct spelling, but you catch my drift) to rig up 4 stall fans.  By the time we got back with the second load of horses, our fans were up and stalls put together.  Thanks, Erica!

The horses all had decent rides tonight.  The x-c courses looked great, and the stadium course seemed to flow well also.  I am slightly concerned about the water complex only because Gus tends not to like the grey, unnatural waters.  Other than that, it seemed like a walk in the park compared to Erie.  I just hope I’m still saying that at 10am on Sunday morning when we’re done!!!

The beginner novice course seems almost identical to the one in May, with a water option addition.  We are all going to take the option until we have had the ability to get our greenies through the water for the first time. 

We are as ready as we are going to be.  I’m looking forward to starting the weekend—-hopefully with a little cooler temperatures.   Good luck  Jessica and Julie!  (and good luck to myself!  I am hoping to have a great weekend)

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1…..have a great ride!

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