Wetherbrooke Farm Show Weekend—–A Huge Success!

This weekend we hosted our DLSC Dressage show on Saturday and Hunter show on Sunday.  Both of the shows ran extremely smoothly thanks to our great judges (Kim Dupps and Laurie Storey) and our awesome Wetherbrooke Show Staff.  

Our Wetherbrooke Farm Show Team riders did a fantastic job on both days.  We are extremely proud of all of our horses and riders!

Results of our show team will be posted soon !!!


Thanks again to the following people who helped make this weekend a success!

Jeff—arena dragging, parking attendant, concession stand substitute, arena waterer etc.

Jessica—-wherever needed….whenever needed

Elizabeth—coaching, crowd control 🙂 jump crew, and so much more

The Blose Crew—-concession stand organizers

Tonya and Meghan—- concession stand workers

Julie—jump course designer, entry booth, scorer

Erica—announcer, entry booth, scorer

Ellie—- entry booth, scribe, and wherever needed

The Websters—-wherever needed

Michelle—-keeper of the entry gate

Josh—parking, jump crew, wherever needed

Sam—-jump course set up, dressage arena set up

Morgan and Kate—-gophers, set up, yarn barn

Kelli—-entry booth, arena set ups, wherever needed

Jim V.—-Landscaping, mulching


And for all of the other people who helped get the farm ready for the weekend ……






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