An almost perfect ride…..

Xc went ” mostly ” well today. I started the course off by losing my whip over fence number one…….a slight problem. Don’t really know how it happened, but the sucker slipped right through my fingers somewhere in the first 10 seconds of my ride. I managed to slap him on the shoulder with my hand (embarrassing, but very true) hard enough to get him through the first water complex. We had a stop at the sunken road due to the fact I couldn’t beat him over the first element. The rest of the course was nearly perfect.

Despite the fact that nothing about this show (or this whole crazy week) has gone according to plan, I have come away from this experience with some pearls of wisdom….

Here are just a few….

Just because I can ride a horse well doesn’t mean that I can also ride a bicycle well. I nearly drove my bike into a moving truck today and almost wrecked twice.

Flip flops + mud = dirty breeches and dirty shirt

Don’t sit your lawnchairs behind cars that are getting ready to back up.

2 extra chairs at your campsite is an open invitation for creepy boys camping nearby to stay and chit chat late into the night.

Waking up to dogs fighting outside at 6 am makes me want to shoot someone.

Drunk people are not the best at cornhole.

Stepping in dog poop while in flip flops also makes me want to shoot someone.

Under armour is awesome when camping in 50 degree weather.

Culvers makes me happy.

Horse shows may be the most frustrating thing in the entire world.

Getting to see Karen and David O’Connor, Philip Dutton, Leslie Law, Becky Holder etc.etc.etc. ride all weekend almost makes it worth it.

Well, it’s off to bed. The competitor’s party was fun, but I ride early tomorrow.

I’ll be glad to put this show behind me and get ready for Flying Cross.

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