A good day……


Today was a good day.  It was supposed to be raining all day today, but I woke up this morning and was pleasantly surprised to see that the skies were clear.  Wade and I took our time getting dressed and eating breakfast.  He doesn’t go to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I try to spend as much time with him as possible on those days.   We decided that today would be a good “date” day, and made plans to hit the Bellbrook McDonald’s as soon as I was done riding and teaching lessons. 

We headed outside at 10 am.  While Wade checked on his pumpkins in the pumpkin patch to see if any of them were ready to be picked ,  I threw on my boots, helmet, and chaps and grabbed my dressage whip.  Jessica had Rhyland all tacked up  for me, and as I headed down to the arena I hoped he was going to be cooperative enough that I could practice my dressage test.  He was really very nice to ride today.  I not only practiced my test, but also got to work on some leg yields, shoulder ins, and collected canter.  As I finished up with Rhyland,  Wade continued his work on the gigantic sand pile outside the arena gate. 

I still had an hour before Elizabeth’s lesson, so I had plenty of time to work with the new mare.  Jessica finished tacking her up while I untacked and brushed Rhyland.  I lunged Kallie outside, taking my time to work on her issues with the whip and sesitivity around her ears.  She lunged like an old pro, and we were off to the indoor to put in our first ride here.   I just walked and trotted her, working on her brakes and moving off the leg.   She is going to be a blast.  I was thrilled to once again feel how rhythmic and balanced she was in the trot.    The second I got off of her I was already looking forward to getting back on her tomorrow.

Jessica untacked her for me as I started Elizabeth’s lesson.  Wade, by this time, was asking me every few minutes if it was time to go on our date yet.  I finished up with Elizabeth’s lesson, helped Jessica bring in a few horses, and changed out of my breeches and into some jeans.  We headed out of  the driveway and off to McDonald’s just as the rain started to come down.

Wade and I lucked into an open computer booth as soon as we got to McDonald’s.  We ate our salad and chicken nuggets while listening to the crazy beepings and clickings of golf, skee ball, snowman, and Luxor.   We had a great date, and then it was time to get home to get “sissy” off of the bus and ready for her riding lesson at 3:30.  

Kate’s lesson on Cavalier went well.  Afterwards, Elizabeth and  I set up the  new jump course for the week, while Wade did some arts and crafts in Jeff’s office.   Kate fed horses and we headed inside…..where Jeff had a pot of chilli waiting for us……nice 🙂 

The harvest of the day
Wade on our "date" to McDonald's
Wade and his Happy Meal loot

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