A great training day !

Today was another great day in the saddle!  Rhyland and I worked on our dressage test, and he was absolutely fantastic.  He is finally putting it all together for this weekend.  I couldn’t have asked for a nicer ride on him.  Though he still occasionally has his moments of beligerence, he is improving by leaps and bounds in the dressage.   We struggle a bit in the stadium due to the fact that my friend thinks he needs no help at all—-nor does he need to keep his head at a level at which he can still see the fences.  The cross country is going extremely well, and I feel “fairly” confident in jumping him novice this weekend.  I worry only about the combinations if he decides to celebrate after the first element.    No time like the present to experiment!

Since Gus is on hiatus until Monday, and my girl, Kallie, is officially OFF of the training list….and awaiting her departure from the farm….I decided to work with McKinley today.  

He came with the jockey club name “BOLD AND BAD” .  I gave him the name “McKinley” because I have always loved US Olympian Gina Miles and her superstar horse “McKinlaigh”. This horse was purchased to be a lesson/family horse and a potential resale project.  I never  thought he would be a horse I would compete myself….so I wasn’t really concerned about stealing the name of the famous horse…until now.

I have been watching this horse change over the last couple of weeks.  We started him back at the very beginning ….working on all of the ground work, the tying, the clipping, the lunging, the grooming, etc.   He has picked up on everything very quickly, and seems to be thrilled to have a consistent job. His personality is enjoyable,   he’s a nice mover, he is careful with his feet, and he loves to jump.  So this horse that  I wrote off as being just a nice lesson horse, has made his way onto my training list.   Emily, who will be leasing him starting Monday, will be taking lessons and working with me to get him ready to show this spring.  Emily is hoping he will be ready to do his first starter with her in May…..we’ll see how he progresses this winter. 

I think I may have found a diamond in the rough.  I’m looking forward to seeing what this 4 year old will look like at age 6.

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