A weekend of leisure…..for me and the kids anyway!

This weekend has been a relaxing one.   Kate had a soccer game Saturday morning and then spent the rest of the afternoon playing here with Morgan and her friend Julia.  Wade and Wesley spent the day playing in the dirt with their fathers in my back yard….helping with the renovations.  I met my college friend Natalie at Mimi’s Cafe for a nice long talk before I went home and gathered up my family for the bonfire at our friends’ house.  We all had a great time at the bonfire, and the kids literally fell into bed with exhaustion when we got home.

Today, while Wade and Wesley helped with the trenching, Kate and I went to do a little shopping and lunch at Panera.   It was great just to have a little girl time out.  When we got back we played outside a little and then went to Young’s Dairy for some ice cream.  Tomorrow we get back to work, but it was a beautiful weekend to play.
A lazy morning watching "Cake Boss" on Netflix
Armani ---enjoying a lazy day in the field



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