Getting to know the new horses……

This week has been a “get to know you” week for the new horses.   We have been thrilled thus far with both of them!


Monday Jessica rode him outside.  He was fairly hyper and we thought perhaps he may try to throw in some bucks at the canter. He trotted quietly over some cross rails and a small vertical and flower box when he settled down a bit.  He carries himself very well, but loves to keep his head straight up in the air like a giraffe.

Tuesday Jessica lunged him in our indoor arena.  It is very small in there, and he was bouncing off of the walls in the canter.  He had a bit of attitude on the lunge line and tried to run into the circle several times and threaten Jessica.  She won, of course, and he settled into his lunging after that.  We think he is just a little clueless.

On Wednesday I took him to the indoor to lunge him.  He had it all figured out.  He lunged like a superstar.  I took him to the outdoor arena….same thing.  I think he is very smart and willing to learn.  I was really excited to watch him start to extend his trot and canter a bit.  He may be way more talented than we originally thought.

Today I gave Emily her first lesson on him.  She is my student that was planning on leasing Vaquero when he came back from the trainer’s.  Emily is  going to start leasing McKinley in November and will help us get some miles put on him.   They got along really well, and I think they will be a good match.  McKinley still needs a little time cantering under saddle before I will turn Emily loose on him…..but it won’t be long.  He  has done everything right so far, and I am loving his personality.


Kallie came to us on loan from “Friends of Ferdinand”, the race horse adoption association.  She has been with them for awhile and has proven to be a bit difficult to place.  So far we have loved her.  On Monday Jessica lunged her, and to our surprise she was fantastic.  She knows voice commands and carries  herself without putting any pressure at all on the lunge line.  She is careful with her feet and wants to please.  She is a bit head shy, but she is starting to let us mess with her ears a little bit.

On Tuesday we lunged her inside and I rode her for the first time at home.  She is great.  She moves like Gus, but her trot is easy to sit.  Her canter is a bit big for my indoor, so I stuck to the trot.

Wednesday didn’t turn out quite how it was supposed to. I jumped Rhyland, lunged McKinley, and then I had to call Dr. Miller out for Gus, who was having one of his crazy unexplainable episodes where he seems drunk, and Kallie got put on the back burner.

Today I made her priority number 2.   I did dressage on Rhyland, who happens to be doing really well.  Then I got on Kallie.  She was even better than Monday.  I was able to work on leg yielding and moving off my leg.  She is so much fun to ride.

I have two more weeks to make a decision about her adoption.  I can see why she has been difficult to place in a home, but we think she may have found a  permanent one.  I’m pretty sure a decision was made today…..we think she’s pretty great.

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