My Little Bat

My little bat at school

Today was the Halloween Party at Wade’s school.  He wanted to dress up as a bat.  Easy enough, right??  Not if your son is as picky and eccentric about his clothes as mine.  It started out like this……

“Wade, I laid all of your black clothes out for your bat costume.  Put on the black pants and the black dinosaur shirt inside out, and the black soccer socks with black crocs.”

“Don’t you think that’s a little weird?”


“Wearing the shirt inside out?”

“Don’t you think it’d be a little weirder for a bat to be wearing a shirt with a glow in the dark dinosaur on it?”

“Maybe we have another black shirt”

“I don’t think you do”

We search for one and lo and behold we find a plain black t-shirt. 

“I told you so “….Wade says.

“Yes, you did.  Now put the dinosaur shirt on under it and the short sleeve shirt on top of it.  No one will see the dinosaur and your arms will be warm….and it won’t be “weird””

He puts on his shirts.

“Now put on your soccer socks”

“Can’t I just wear my white socks?”

“No–put on the black ones.”

“But I think bats have white feet.”

“Nice try, but no they don’t .  Put the socks on”

“Can I just wear different socks?”

I go rummaging around in his sock drawer for another pair of black socks.  I found a pair of black dress socks and return to him with those.

“Here.  Put these on.”

He had a really weird facial expression as he looked at them.

“Aren’t those “Dancing socks”????


“One time I had a soccer game and I tried to put those on with my shinguards.  My daddy told me those were dancing socks”

I just busted out laughing.

“I think maybe he said they were “dress socks””

“No–he said they were dancing socks.  I’ll wear my soccer socks.”

“Ok.  Then put on your soccer socks with your crocs and meet me downstairs.  We still have to put on your wings and get you some cereal.”

“Should I wear green or black crocs?”

“Have you ever seen a bat wearing green crocs?”

He laughed and put on the black ones.  He ate his breakfast and put on his wings.  

I’m glad he decided against the dancing socks………..that would have been completely ridiculous.  Who ever heard of a bat wearing a dinosaur shirt with green crocs and dancing socks?

My little bat in his "non dancing socks"

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