Office renovation chaos at the farm

This weekend Jeff and his business partner decided to start their office renovations.  The office behind our house where Jeff and Tom have their engineering and bridge sales business is getting a new addition.  The business is growing and they are in desperate need of a new bathroom and conference area.  The project needs to be finished by the time the weather gets cold so that they can have heat for their computer equipment. 

The project is making a gigantic mess around the farm, but I’m looking forward to getting a washer and dryer for my barn laundry!  Things are rolling along, and we hope to be pouring the new floor soon.   In the meantime, the horses will have to get used to the “horse eating ” equipment and gravel pile!

The trenching comes to an end
Jeff and his trencher
The gravel pile
Behind the office

Welcome to Wetherbrooke, Kallie and McKinley!

Emily, Wade, and I hopped in the truck this morning at 9:30am to go pick up the two new horses.    We were really excited about getting them home and getting them accustomed to their new farm.  We loaded Kallie first, and although she put up a little bit of a fight, she hopped in the trailer after about 2 minutes.  None of it was fear related, just a tiny bit of an attitude…..which makes her fun.  McKinley literally jumped into the trailer and nearly tied the horseman’s knot himself.  I’m gonna love that gelding.

Both horses unloaded well.  As soon as we put them into their pens, they both immediately started grazing.   They were completely relaxed and quiet.  Not one peep out of either one of them.  They let us groom them while they ate, and seemed to really enjoy the attention. 

I pulled manes, trimmed tails, clipped muzzles, cut bridle paths, and made them hang out in my grooming area for extended periods of time untied.  Kate and I took pictures of them when they were finished with their beauty treatments and put them away for the evening. 

Both horses could not have behaved any better.  I think they are going to be fantastic additions to our program.

McKinley "Before"
McKinley "Before"
Kallie "Before"
Kallie "Before"
McKinley "After"
McKinley "After"
Kallie "After"

Kallie "After"

Kallie and McKinley come tomorrow!

Tomorrow I will be headed over to my friend’s farm to pick up my two new horses.  McKinley is the horse that I picked out to try to replace the one that I recently lost.  Kallie is an adoption horse that sort of just happened??  We are really excited to get started on our newest projects.  Tomorrow will be bathing, trimming, mane pulling, and tack fitting day.  Can’t wait!  Will try to take some “before” and “after” pictures tomorrow!

XC Schooling —–beat the rain by a second

Today I loaded up Quinn, Rhyland, and Aragon and headed up to Twin Towers for a spur of the moment xc schooling.  Rhyland is moving up to Novice in just a couple of weeks, and the other two are looking to do Novice in the spring.   All the horses (and Pony!) were fantastic.  Aragon jumped everything out of stride.  He has really learned how to carry himself over these last few months.  Quinn, although extremely quick at times, jumped around beautifully.  She did most of the Beginner Novice course and some Novice fences today.  What a jumper!  Rhyland just gets better and better with each time out.  Today we jumped the Novice 1/2 coffin and the Training level bank down along with most of the other novice fences.  I think he will be ready to go at Octoberfest.  We headed back to the trailer just as the rain started coming down.  Perfect timing on a perfect day of schooling !!!

More farm pictures………

Playhouse door
Stone wall

More farm pictures…..

Fungus on stump









Chalk art in the bank barn-----by Kate as a youngster
Bank Barn wall
Hay Loft window
Log Pile
Stone wall

Fall Pictures #1

Wade, Jeff, and Kate at the Ohio University football game
Joy and Wade at the O.U. football game
Hank and Wade eating breakfast after the "sleepover"
Wade and his sand mound
Kate and Cavalier after a lesson
Welcome, Baby Evelyn!

New horses arriving soon!

Today Jessica and I went back out to my friend’s barn to ride the mare.  She was a little pushy and testy, but what a fantastic mover!   Jessica and I both rode her and decided she was definitely worth taking home for a trial period.   Her canter left a lot to be desired in the indoor arena, but a few months of cantering in my small indoor arena will cure that quickly.  She was super flashy when we were able to get her round in the trot, but had some head tossing issues that will need to be fixed immediately.  She has a beautiful face and fairly nice comformation.   I’m not usually a mare person, but I feel that this one will be worth the effort. 

While we were there, we also looked at the gelding again.  He was even cuter today than he was on Monday.   I am looking forward to getting his mane pulled and getting him all trimmed up!  He’s going to be a great addition to the farm.  I will probably pick them both up sometime this weekend—–Yay!  We have so much riding to do this winter!  I will have Rhyland, Gus, and Kalista (Kalli) to get ready for show season 2012.  The new gelding (name to be decided) will have to get some more training, and then he will be ready to take people to some local shows in the spring.  Looking forward to seeing some  cute new faces around here !