This week…….

This week leading up to Octoberfest has been an interesting one.   Weeks leading up to horse shows tend to be that way.  Trying to balance the riding , the kids’ activities, the new responsibilities at my husband’s business, and running the farm has proven a bit rough this week. 

It started on Friday night with Wade’s soccer party and Kate’s trip to her friend’s house.  Saturday was an all day soccer tournament in Beavercreek with Kate.  Sunday we awoke at 6am to prepare for another whole day on the soccer fields.  It ended with Kate’s team losing in double overtime in the tournament finals. 

Monday started out like a normal day… up at 6:30am, kids off to school…..and then somewhere in the middle things went horribly wrong.  I had a terrible  dressage ride on Rhyland and got bucked off of the horse formerly known as “MY new horse, Kallie”.  I was getting on her at the mounting block when she decided to buck me off and trample my friend who just happen to be standing nearby.  Lots of fun.   I actually went on a nice run after that—-before the soreness from getting bucked off set in—- and then I spent the evening  in the high school gym watching a series of choir performances.  I felt like I was trapped in an episode of “Glee”.   Sort of enjoyed the whole evening, much to my own surprise!  

Today I woke up extremely sore and had the song “Soul Sister” by Train stuck in my head from last night’s performance.    Wade didn’t have school today, so we got a lazy start.  It was a beautiful day and we made it outside in time to help Jessica turn out horses    After I taught my 10 o’clock lesson, Elizabeth and I  loaded up Cavalier and Rhyland and ran up to Twin Towers for a quick run around the xc course.  Wade followed us around on foot and enjoyed jumping “off”  some xc fences.   Rhyland galloped well, and it was a great day of jumping for both horses.  We arrived back  home in time to get the horses bathed and clipped for this weekend’s show. 

Tomorrow will be a dressage day for Rhyland and McKinley.  Kallie is officially off of the list.  She will go back to my friend’s farm on Monday.  

Saturday we will leave for the show after the “parent vs. kids” soccer game with Kate’s team.  Totally looking forward to kicking her butt on the field…..ha ha ha.  Let’s just hope they don’t injure me to the point of not being able to ride this weekend!

Kate at her first choir concert----next to Brooke, of course

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