Jumping again…..


For the first time since fall I put my jumping tack on Gus.  He has been doing fantastic in the dressage, and today was the day to slowly start him back over small fences.   I was fully expecting him to be a bit wild when he realized it was a jumping day, but he was great.  We trotted a bunch of cross rails, cantered some small fences, and ended up with a few 2′ fences.  I was thrilled.   We did some trot sets and ended with a nice long walk.  Perfect.  I am anxiously awaiting spring…..and Gus being fit enough for some bigger fences.


Today was a gamble.   Gus ended on such a great note, that I almost hated to put the jumping tack on Rhyland.   We started out with some light flat work and proceeded to jump some cross rails at the trot.  Wow.  Maybe he has grown up a little bit over these last few months.  I cantered up over a few small fences and finished up with a few 2′ fences.  Other than some rotten moments on the landing side of the fence, he did extremely well.  I ended the ride on a good note……just as it started to rain.

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