The month of February so far……


As Ohio winters go,  this has been a fantastic one.   I have been able to ride outside about 90% of the time, which earns it the status of  “best ever winter” since the opening of our farm in 2004.   There are exciting things happening around here, and I am really looking forward to the 2012 show season just around the corner.

February in a nutshell…..

Wade was supposed to do show and tell on Friday the 3rd.   It was “s” day on Friday,  and on Thursday he said that he wished it was “k” day on Friday.  He wanted to take “Kate” for show and tell.  This is how it went down……… “But kate has school tomorrow”, I said.  “I wish she didn’t”.  “Sissy starts with an “s” , I said.  “But I wouldn’t call her “sissy” at school.”  “Well”, I said, “sister starts with an “s”.   

I was so touched by the fact that he wanted to take his sister to school that I made it happen.   So Kate (Sister) went to school as his show and tell object on Friday.  She had to miss 3 class periods to make it happen, but it was really sweet to see just how much he loves his sister……and she was thrilled to be so loved.

Wade and his "S"ister at show and tell

My family took a short road trip to Indianapolis the first weekend of February to visit  Jeff’s brother and his family.  The kids had a great time visiting their cousin Kenley, and we enjoyed seeing Chris and Amanda’s new house.  While we were there we went to a big bouncy house place  to wear our little ones out.  What ended up happening, however, was a bunch of bigger ones racing like idiots through some obstacle courses.   We (the bigger ones) were exhausted and had battle wounds on our elbows and other places before it was all said and done.  Once competitive morons, always competitive morons………wouldn’t want it any other way.

Wade, Kate, and Kenley

Dr. Miller came out on the 3rd to do spring shots and coggins.  While he was here he did flexions on Gus and also took x-rays of his hocks.  He flexed a bit stiff in his  hocks compared to last year.  I have been noticing just a little bit of difference in his right lead canter this winter, and due to his age (15 this year) , was guessing that this was the year to do hock injections.  I was right.   Dr. Miller compared the x-rays of his hocks from his pre-purchase exam at New Bolton Center in 2006 to the present set.   He was happy with the x-rays, but said that he wanted to go ahead and inject him so that he is more comfortable with his job this year.  I was thrilled with the news.  No major joint changes had occured in the last 6 years… Just age related wear and tear.   He will be out tomorrow morning to do the injections, and then it will be time to start back with the jumping.  This winter we have been working on our Intermediate dressage movements, hoping to be able to move up in June.  Gus is beginning to do the half pass at the trot , doing well in the collected trot, and slowly getting the extended walk.  He is happier than he has ever been, and is starting to express his personality in ways I’ve never seen before.  He is a blast to work with these days.

Somewhere along the way I decided to sell off my family room furniture and paint my whole family room.  It looks fantastic, but I still have a few pieces of furniture to sell before I can buy my new couch.  New drapes, new paint, and some rearranging of rugs can make all the difference in the world! 


A new horse will be joining our lesson program soon!   He is a six year old 16.2 hand percheron cross that looks like Aragon’s twin.  He is big, black, cute, and has really smooth  gaits.  We can’t wait to see him standing in a stall here at Wetherbrooke Farm.

Rhyland had a great jumping day on Wednesday.  It may have been the best jumping school that I have ever had on him.   I currently have him up for sale, but after Wednesday………we’ll see.

Wetherbrooke Farm t-shirts have been ordered.   I am anxious to see the finished product!

And that’s the month so far……

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