Ready for spring….

The crab apple tree in bloom

Today I was officially back in the saddle.   I started out with Rhyland.  He was still “angry” about the new jumping system, but we are making progress—–very slowly.   After that I hopped on McKinley for what was supposed to be a quick and easy ride.  He was wound up after his time off, so I think my quick and easy ride may happen tomorrow instead.

Gus finished his medication while I was out of town.  Today I received the “go ahead” from Dr. Miller to get on with it.   Tomorrow I may get back on him for a light ride.  We are extremely behind on our conditioning after having the last few weeks off.  The chiropractor comes next Monday to work out the residual issues.  I’m hoping that we’ll be ready to do prelim again in May.  Intermediate will have to wait for a little while longer.

Good to be home
Ready to roll----in so many ways

The north barn pear tree




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