Our Fun Show Class List—–April 15th Fun Show

Wetherbrooke Farm Fun Show—————— Sunday, April 15th 

Show starts at 12pm


Classes offered —-

#1   ground poles—trotting only

#2   Lead line—-with someone leading pony/horse over small obstacle course

#3   Create your own class—- instructor will let students show off his/her skills in individual way

#4   Cantering cross rails—-2 outside lines of 4 or more strides between fences

#5  Cantering 2’ course—-  outside lines opposite direction of class #4

#6   Create your own course—-2’6 “ and above

#7   Easter Egg Basketball—-Partner leads the horse while rider has to make the most baskets with Easter eggs —most eggs in at the end of the time wins

#8   Quick Change—–Partner leads the horse, rider jumps off to change into crazy outfit , Rider has to get back on horse while partner runs horse back to other end of arena where rider must remove crazy outfit —first one done wins

#9  BEGINNER Flat class— riders must be capable of riding in the arena at a trot by themselves

#10  ADVANCED Flat class— riders must be capable of riding in the arena at a canter by themselves

#11   Joy’s choice Beginner—- Joy picks a mystery game for the very beginners to play

#12  Joy’s choice Intermediate— Joy picks a mystery game—Must be able to trot on their own in arena

#12  Joy’s choice Advanced—-Joy picks a mystery game for the most advanced riders to play must be able to jump 2’ at a canter

Entry form for our Fun Show ——-April 15th


Wetherbrooke Farm Fun Show Entry Form

RIDER’S NAME_____________________________________________________________________

HORSE CHOICES (must pick 3 in order of preference)_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

CLASSES DESIRED (must pick at least 3 in order of preference—Please use numbers AND class names)


WHAT IS THE MAXIMUM NUMBER OF CLASSES YOU WOULD LIKE TO PAY FOR???—if there are available spots we may be able to stick you in ____________________________________


The cost will be $10 per class.—–Prizes will be awarded instead of Ribbons

Payment will be due no later than Wednesday, April  11th  

Ride times will be posted on my website www.wetherbrookefarm.com under “farm news” by Friday, April 13th.





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