Rhyland update…..

Jaclyn and Rhyland are doing well together.  She told me she absolutely loves him, and that he is progressing nicely.  She just competed him in his first show out in Maryland at the Novice level.  He had 2 rails in the stadium, but finished in 7th place with a double clear xc and a decent dressage score.  We were thrilled to hear that he is doing well with his new owner.

One giant step……

Well, it’s official.  As of last night, the entries for my first Intermediate Horse Trial are filled out and sitting on my coffee table ready to be mailed.  Things have been going really well with Gus’s soundness and with his training.  The conditioning has been a little difficult due to the hard ground, but we have been walking hills and galloping in our sand arena.   The dressage test isn’t quite as difficult as I had expected it would be, and our movements are coming along nicely.  Gus is jumping better and more consistent than he has ever jumped.  His hocks are good, and his back hasn’t been sore all summer.  I figured that the move up to Intermediate has to happen now or never.  So, on Labor Day weekend we will head to the Kentucky Horse Park to run our first Intermediate.  I’m both terrified and thrilled.

Before I made my final decision to enter, I had spoken to Dorothy about it.  She wanted to watch me jump a few more times before I headed to the show.  She is coaching at a young rider camp next week and thought it would be a great time for me to take some lessons on a nice xc course.  Next week I will be taking Gus to an adult/young rider eventing camp in Michigan.   For 3 days we will get jumping lessons from Dorothy in both the stadium and on the xc course.  We will also get to ride the dressage test of our choice in front of an upper level dressage judge.  After the camp is over,  I will have exactly a month of conditioning and training left before we head to Kentucky.

The next month and one week will be filled with acetylglucosamine injections, mudding and wrapping legs, gallop sets, long walks, adequan injections, vet visits, and lots of prayer that Gus will continue to stay sound.



The Trails End Hunter Show…..we came, we rode, we kicked some booty!!

Our girls rode sooooo well today at the Trails End Hunter Show!  I couldn’t be prouder of the way they handled themselves and their horses in the ring.  We celebrated their awesome achievements with a trip to Burger King and some milk shakes on me……(not literally “on” me —thank goodness).

These were the final placings for our girls….

Groundpoles division– under 12

Lauren Kelly on Lakin—1st, 1st, 4th—CHAMPION

Groundpoles division—over 12

Jacqui Carner on Best Sensation (Celine)—2nd, 2nd, 4th

Trotting Crossrails— under 12

Lauren Kelly on Lakin–2nd, 5th, 6th

Kate Von Handorf on Aragon—1st, 4th, 6th —RESERVE CHAMPION

Trotting crossrails—over 12

Amanda Marshall on Cavalier—1st, 1st, 2nd—- CHAMPION

Morgan Orme on Ike—1st, 2nd, 3rd—-RESERVE CHAMPION

Jacqui and Celine
Lauren and Lakin—a great start to the morning!
Kate and Aragon in the warm up ring
Amanda—-sitting down on the job again! Ha Ha Ha
Kate and Aragon—getting ready to go in the ring
Jessica and Morgan with Ike
Ike—-stealing all of the “cute points”
Amanda and Cavalier
Kelli and Cavalier
Wade with his “lemon shake up”—the highlight of the show
Lauren and Lakin with their winnings



Morgan and Ike’s loot
Amanda and Cavalier—champions again
My favorite place on earth—–my butt on the couch and my dusty feet on the coffee table

Trails End Hunter Show this Saturday

Due to the fact that Gemwood Horse Trials were canceled, we made a last second decision to take horses to Trails End Equestrian Center this Saturday for a DLSC Hunter Show.   Those of you that are signed up to ride this Saturday need to be prepared to leave the farm no later than 7am.  Riders are responsible for all of their own grooming and show preparation.  Please be at the farm around 6am to get your stuff packed, horses groomed, and hay loaded.  All of the tack is still clean from last weekend’s show, so we will just wipe it down when we get to the show.  I have 4 Wetherbrooke Farm show pads for the riders to use.  Please have your entry forms made out ahead of time, with your entry fee checks made out to “Trails End”.  All other fees can be paid to “Wetherbrooke Farm”.  Please be dressed to ride with sweats over your breeches and a t-shirt over your show shirt.  If you have any questions, please contact me or Elizabeth.


See you bright and early on Saturday.


Wade was a superstar!!

A few months ago, Jeff entered Wade in a “step up to the mic” contest at Skyline.  Wade’s name was drawn, and he was given tonight’s game against the Diamondbacks in which to “step up to the mic” and announce the Red’s leadoff batter for the third inning.  He did a fantastic job!

“Leading off for the Reds, the Pitcher, Johnny Cuerto!”

Great job, Wade!!!  My dad would have loved every second of it……….

Wade and Jeff at the game
Wade and Joy
Kate and Joy
Wade announcing the Red’s lead off batter for the 3rd inning
Great Job, Wade!







Thank You!!

For all of you that worked from Friday – Sunday to make this weekend a great one, we thank you!

……Tonya, Meghan, Kelli, Josh, Jim, Laura, Emily, Kate, Morgan, Jessica, Lauren, Jennifer K, Jennifer W., Corinthia, Jacqui, Amanda, Elizabeth, Julie and Everyone else that had a hand in helping us put on the show.

I would also like to thank Nancy who came in Saturday and Sunday mornings at 4am to clean stalls, water horses, and feed.  The barn looked great on both days!  We really appreciated her extra effort!

And a special thanks to Jeff, who handled all things technical, heavy, and arena related!  (and also runs a mean concession stand in a pinch! )


Great Job, Everyone!!! and thank goodness it’s over………………………….


Today was the Wetherbrooke Farm Hunter show.  We are so proud of all of our horses and riders.  The girls rode extremely well and came away with many ribbons.  These were our riders’ results from the show….

Groundpoles 12 and under

Lauren Kelly on Lakin 4th,3rd

Corinthia Webster on Sully 2nd,4th

Meghan Deis on Armani 1st,2nd and Reserve Champion

Kate Von Handorf on Aragon 5th,2nd,3rd

Groundpoles 13 and over

Morgan Orme on Ike 1st,1st,2nd and Champion

Jacqui Carner on Celine 2nd,2nd,1st and Reserve Champion

Trotting Crossrails 12 and under

Lauren Kelly on Lakin 5th

Corinthia Webster on Lakin 3rd,6th

Kate Von Handorf on Aragon 4th,1st,4th and Reserve Champion

Trotting crossrails 13 and over

Morgan Orme on Ike 4th, 6th,4th

Amanda Marshall on Cavalier 5th, 2nd,2nd

Emily Blose on Sully 6th, 3rd,6th

Future Hunter

Kelli Huesman on Cavalier 2nd,1st and Reserve Champion

Baby Hunter

Kelli Huesman on Cavalier 2nd,3rd

Kate and Aragon
Morgan and Ike
Wade and “Blacky, the horse show cat”
Julie, our show secretary
Amanda and Cavalier
Emily and Sully


Dressage show success!!

We started the show at 8am this morning and ended the show at about 4:00pm, with over 60 individual tests.  8 of our Wetherbrooke girls competed in the show and did a fantastic job all day long.    These were our results for the day…..Intro Level Tests

Jenna Burke on Lakin–60.9%–2nd place (great job on your first ever dressage test, Jenna!)

Lauren Kelly on Lakin—55.9%—5th place (also a great job on your first ever dressage test!!)

Jacqui Carner on Sullivan—61.9%—2nd place (on Sully’s first ever dressage test!!!—SUPER JOB, JACQUI!)

Kelli Huesman on Cavalier—61%—3rd place

Kate Von Handorf on Aragon—65%—-2nd place and 60.8%—3rd place

Amanda Marshall on Celine—58.5%—3rd place  (Great first test, Amanda!)

Jessica Orme on McKinley—58.8%—2nd place (Thanks for riding him for me, Jessica!!)

— USEA Tests

Jessica Orme on Aragon—67.6%—1st Place and 65.8%—-2nd Place AND Champion of the division

Kelli Huesman on Cavalier—61.7%—3rd Place and 58%—6th Place

Training Level Test 3

Julie Hooper on Sapphire—65.6%—2nd place

1st Level Test 1

Julie Hooper on Sapphire—66%—1st place and CHAMPION!  (Great first 1st level test, Julie!)

Tomorrow is the hunter show.  Thanks again for all of your help tearing down the dressage arena and setting up the hunter ring, everyone.  We finished in record time, and I’m looking forward to getting some sleep tonight!

Amanda and Celine
Kate and Aragon
Lauren and Lakin