Last night Wade had practice and Kate had a game.  Jeff has been out of town all week, so I was doing double duty trying to put the kids in bed.  Kate was finishing her homework while Wade was in the bathtub.  I was downstairs when I heard Wade calling for me…..

“Mom!  I’m getting cold up here.  Can you come up here as soon as possible and wash my hair???”

I went upstairs and finished washing his hair.  I told him to go ahead and get out of the tub.  Wade stood up, faced the back wall and said…… (with his little naked butt facing me)

“These babies never stop shaking!”—-he proceeded to slap his own bottom and shake his booty like a crazy man.

I laughed like a hyena…..and then he did it again for Kate….and she laughed like a hyena.

He’s a never ending 3 ring circus……and we LOVE it!


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