Welcome to Wetherbrooke Farm, Buttercup and Murphy!

Yesterday was a really long day.  After my normal riding and work around the farm, I loaded up my two kids and headed North toward the Columbus area to pick up our 2 new horses.  We made it to Canal Fulton at about 5pm to pick up a 4 year old Thoroughbred gelding.   His racing name was “Deputy Dale”, which we decided was just not the name for a classy young eventing prospect.  His former owners had renamed him “Sullivan”, which I would have loved except for the fact I now have a picture of a huge black Percheron Cross attached to that name.  After looking at his pedigree and seeing that he is half Irish TB, I decided to use the name “Murphy”.  It seems to fit him so far.

Murphy before we loaded him into the trailer


The next horse we went to pick up was located in Delaware, Ohio.  We arrived at the farm to see our newest lesson pony waiting for us in the parking lot with a little girl at the other end of a lead rope.  “Buttercup”, as we renamed her, is a 7 year old Mustang pony.   She is super sweet and will be adorable when she gains about 100 pounds.

Buttercup in her new stall



Murphy spent the morning outside trotting quietly around the field checking out his new home.  I was in Lexington all morning, but Jessica said that he “floated”.  I’m anxious to get to work with him soon.

Buttercup spent the day inside eating hay.  She seemed thrilled.  The results of her coggins came back negative, and tomorrow she will head outside to meet the rest of the girls.




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