Computer crashes, Thanksgiving, paint, ipads, and kleenex

The last few weeks have been filled with craziness. I’ve been unable to blog about it due to the fact that my computer has crashed yet again. The hard drive is fried, which means that all of my barn documents, sales contracts, etc are lost……again. Nice.

In the time I have been away, several things have happened.

I gave Gus some time off. During his time off, I decided to paint my kitchen red. It took a little longer than I expected due to the fact that we decided to put in a new door. One thing led to another, and pretty soon I was knee deep in work. Thanksgiving happened right in the middle of it all, and then I got sick. After several boxes of kleenex and some sudafed later, the kitchen is finished.

Elissa started texting me as soon as Gus’s 1st full week of break was over. She wanted me to come school at Masterson Station. I told her that I was too busy to come until the following week, and to tell you the truth, I was dreading it completely. The goal was to recreate the problems we had on the xc course in virginia. I was a bit skeptical, but it worked. Elissa created some fences using barrels and the bank complex which Gus reacted to exactly as he had done in Virginia. We were able to work out our issues, and I left the schooling feeling extremely positive about our future. Elissa convinced me that I needed to go to Florida with her this winter. The plan is in place for us to move back up to Intermediate by February. The plan is both exciting and scary. If all goes well, the possibility is there for us to go back down south to do a 2* in April……a very slim possibility.

I decided during all of this mess to go ahead and get an ipad while I waited for my new computer to come. This is the first time I have been allowed to use it, which involved me prying my two children off of it with a stick.

This is a stupid and uninspired blog, but a blog nonetheless. My head is too congested to think more creatively.


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