The first day of competition……..


Jeff sneaked into the picture

We got to the barn early this morning to make sure we had enough time to fix Gus’s braids if necessary, bathe his legs and tail, and get him all ready for his dressage test at 11:02.  Luckily, I only had to fix a few braids, and I was in my shadbelly and top hat by 10:30.  I had to get some help from Emily to get my stock tie tied correctly, but we were on time to warm up.

Gus warmed up well, and he put in a fantastic (and very relaxed) test.  I couldn’t have been happier with his performance.  Elissa was thrilled, and I ended up tied for 11th place with Boyd Martin……not too shabby 🙂

The first salute

After the test

Kate and I walked the cross country course twice in a row, which nearly killed us.  The hills here are insane.  Our course is probably around 3 miles long, and took us over an hour each time.  By the time we were finished with the second walk, we both wanted to cry.

We made it back to the barn just in time to body clip Gus and throw his jumping tack on him.  We entered a jumper class to get inside the coliseum so that Gus could see it before Sunday.  He was really good in the coliseum, and we made it back to the barn by 7pm.  I finished his clip job, wrapped his feet, and wrapped his legs while the rest of the crew packed up and cleaned his stall.  We were at the pizza place by 8:00pm back to the hotel by 9:00.  I couldn’t wait to take a shower and get the hair off of me!  I still have some studying to do tonight before my 10:30 am cross country ride tomorrow.  I’m so exhausted I can barely stand it.  The course is big and hilly, but I feel that it will be a good one for Gus.    I’m headed to bed…….and I can’t wait.

The corner



Kate–after her 3 mile walk in the hills
The jumper class in the coliseum……a chance for Gus to get inside the coliseum before Sunday’s competition
Wade—waiting for Jeff to pay the bill at dinner. My thoughts exactly!