Getting ready for Florida… between taking temperatures and pouring medicine

Just when things began to look up for me….Wade ended up sick.  He has been home from school all week with fevers and coughing.  The boy that normally runs and jumps everywhere he goes has begged me to carry him up and down our stairs each day.  He has not gotten out of his pajamas, and has eaten only one meal a day for the whole week.  I keep telling him that I think he is beginning to grow roots into my couch cushion.  Poor guy.

In the meantime, I have been trying to catch up on some of my own barn work and riding.  I have several things to do in order to leave for Florida in a few weeks.  Yesterday Dr. Yates came to give Gus and Murphy their booster shots and draw a coggins on Gus.  He also did Isabelle’s fall shots since she had not had them done before I bought her.  Today Bobby McMichael came to float Gus’s teeth and check on Murphy’s.   Gus was sharp, as apparent by the fact he keeps destroying my rubber snaffle bit.  Murphy had been done this year by his former owner, but had a small baby tooth that needed to be pulled.  The chiropractor is coming out on the 26th of December to work on Gus and check Murphy.  My trailer has an appointment for the 10th of January.  I have decided to rent my own apartment this year in Ocala, so all of the rental paperwork and deposits were completed yesterday with Carlton Arms.  My final paperwork was faxed to the Rocking Horse show organizer yesterday as well.  We are now officially entered in the first Rocking Horse Show of the season.

Yesterday I jumped Gus for the first time since November.  He was extremely flat and bored with the small fences, but got himself together once I raised them up to a height he respected.  I was very happy with him, and I fell back into a rhythm after awhile.   Murphy was a bit squirelly yesterday, and I think that the warm weather and heavy training in Ocala will benefit him greatly.

The goals for Ocala 2013 are many.

1.  compete and COMPLETE my first intermediate

2.  evaluate Murphy’s ability to be an upper level prospect and decide what to do with him

3.  Hopefully qualify to do a two * event at Ocala in April

4.  work on a writing project I have been trying to find time to complete

5.  watch a ton of lessons and take a ton of lessons

6.  get back into running everyday—-get fit!


In the meantime, I have been unable to complete my Christmas shopping and wrapping with Wade home 24-7.  I have only a few days left……..


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