This week at the farm…….


Lots of things are happening this week. Today was a non-horse day for me. It was fantastic. I spent the day doing laundry, cleaning my house a bit, re-decorating my Christmas tree (we put different lights on), and doing some craft stuff. Wade and I went on a date to Panera. As usual, he charmed me with his conversation…….and his “bread mustache” .

Tomorrow we have a cowboy guy coming to work with Isabelle Blue. Wednesday I rode her for the first time since she’s been here, and she was a little rotten. She has only been broke for about a month, so I decided to have someone come out and work with her. She has the desire to be a bit naughty as soon as you get on her, but then she gets over herself. I’ll feel better about getting back on her after we’ve had him work with her for awhile. I just can’t afford getting injured right before I leave for Florida.

On that note…..I am getting ready to send my first entries in for January’s show in Ocala. Gus, Murphy, and I will be heading to Ocala for the winter. Unfortunately, I am unable to take the family for the whole time. In order to be able to afford to go this year, I will have to share an apartment with Elissa and the girls. Gus, Murphy, and I will leave in the middle of January and come back in March. During that time we will get to compete in about 4 shows. Elissa’s plan for me includes 2 prelims, 2 intermediates, and a possible 2* in April. We will see……..

This Thursday night we will host our Wetherbrooke Farm boarders/employee Christmas Party. I am really excited about the fact that almost everyone is able to make it this year! The house will be absolutely packed, but it will be fun!

Friday night we will have Jeff’s company party at Amelia’s in Bellbrook. The company is doing well, and it will be a great way to end a successful year!


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